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Oportunidade de emprego em Ciências Cognitivas / Neurociências na Universidade de Coimbra


Universidade CoimbraThe Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra (FPCE-UC) Portugal invites applications from rising and aspiring leaders in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience for 2 tenure-track positions at the Assistant (1) and Associate (1) Professor level. These positions are part of a transformative ERA Chair grant CogBooster from the European Union to FPCE-UC led by Dr. Alfonso Caramazza. The goal of CogBooster is to implement a strong and international line of research in Cognitive Science/Neuroscience, so as to contribute to the ongoing renewal of the Psychological and Brain Sciences in Portugal over the next decade.

 Equal Employment Opportunity statement:

The University of Coimbra is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and has a Gender Equality Plan in place. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic global community at the University. We particularly encourage applications from women, and from other under-represented groups in the University of Coimbra’s workforce and in the brain sciences.   


We seek applicants with expertise in any area of Cognitive Science/Neuroscience. The positions are tenure-track at the rank of Assistant (1) and Associate (1) Professor. The start date should be around September 1, 2023 (but potentially negotiable). Applicants for the Associate Professor position should have completed their PhD before September 2018.


Applicants must hold a Ph.D. in a discipline relevant to Cognitive Science/Neuroscience. Successful applicants should have an excellent record of research for their career level. To contribute to the mission of CogBooster and to the research and educational mission of FPCE-UC, they are expected to establish an active research program, acquire external research funds, and contribute to teaching and mentoring.

 The applicant will actively engage in research, teaching, and supervision in the field of the specific positions at FPCE-UC and its affiliated research center. Applicants may use different technical and methodological approaches to address their research questions, including, but not limited to, cognitive neuropsychology and the study of brain lesions, human neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, EEG, sEEG, etc), behavioral and cognitive approaches, and computational cognitive neuroscience.


Positions are tenure-track with a permanent contract. All positions include social security and national pension plans, medical insurance (if required by the applicant), and all legally applicable benefits under Portuguese law. Salary depends on the level of appointment.

 In addition to the legally required employment conditions describe above, and has part of the ERA Chair initiative CogBooster, these positions come with a start-up package. This includes (subject to final discussion between the selected candidates and Dr. Alfonso Caramazza):

 ·         Funding for 1 Post-Doctoral fellow at the Portuguese pay grade for 36 months;

·         Funding for 1 Research Assistant/Doctoral student at the Portuguese pay grade for 48

·         Months;

·         Funding for 200 fMRI hours (or EEG hours, use of neurostimulation, etc.);

·         Funding for attending and presenting at national and international conferences

·         Funding for open access publications;

·         Funding for Laboratory resources (e.g., Computers);

·         Laboratory space shared with other laboratories at FPCE-UC;

·         Institutional support for applying to major European and international grants (grant reviewing by experts, interview preparation, etc).

 About Portugal, Coimbra, and FPCE-UC:

Portugal’s warm and pleasant climate, rich history and culture, beautiful landscapes and beaches, affordable cost of living, and quality but affordable medical and educational systems, makes it one of the most exciting countries to live in. Moreover, Portuguese culture is incredibly family-friendly, welcoming to foreigners (English is widely spoken), and the country is one of the five safest countries in the world. Finally, it features an incredible and diverse cuisine, great wine, and a pace of life commensurate with work-life balance.

 The University of Coimbra is a 700-year-old University and is a UNESCO world Heritage site. Coimbra is one of the liveliest university cities in the world, and it is a beautiful city with easy access to the beach and mountain. According to Numbeo-Cost of Living, 2500 euro in Coimbra (the net value approximate monthly salary of an Associate Professor) correspond to a local purchasing power of about 5000 euro in Paris, 5300 pounds in London (UK), 4200 euro in Rome, 4900 euro in Munich, 40200 DKK in Copenhagen, 6900 USD in Los Angeles or Washington, 7400 CAD in Toronto, 26k CNY in Beijing or Shanghai, and 8700 AUD euro in Sydney.

 The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences has been consistently ranked as the, or one of the, best Psychology Departments in Portugal. In the last decade it has become the leading department in Portugal on Psychological research, holding, for instance, the only 2 ERC grants in Psychology in Portugal. FPCE-UC has a laboratory for Cognitive Science and Cognitive Neuroscience research – the Proaction Lab. We have access to two 3T MRI scanners, to tDCS and TMS with neuronavigation, to a 256 channel EEG, and to a fully functional behavioral lab.

 Further information:

The official call will be available around May here, but please send an email to Dr. Jorge Almeida ( if you want be informed when the positions are open, and/or if you want to receive further information about the ERA Chair Project CogBooster. In the meanwhile, we strongly encourage potential applicants to contact Drs. Alfonso Caramazza ( and Jorge Almeida ( Please send us your CV, and a short cover letter describing your interest in the position (including the general field of research, the rank/s to which you are applying).


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